Monday, July 7, 2008

More Words Than Deeds

Sermon series at church this month on prayer. And while I appreciate what the pastor has to say (currently looking in-depth at the Lord's Prayer), it strikes me that we Presbyterians can spend more time in a worship service talking about prayer than actually praying. I think it would actually be scandalous if the pastor got up and said "today instead of sermon about prayer, we're just going to spend the time praying" and lead us in a time of directed prayer. Or have us spend time praying with and for each other (but this might be uncomfortable for the guests and the "seekers"). People always respond when you break the mold - that response may be to get up and leave and write nasty e-mails, but at least it's a response. If the pastor and the leadership always only play it safe in their roles and their faith, how can they expect the congregation to go to new places?